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In 2014 my year started in a way I had dreamed but never thought would happen. In time square NYC. I was with my hubby and 3 boys, we were at a party, having fun and soaking in the atmosphere.

From this visit, I never realized how much this city entered my soul. When I think of NYC, I feel it in my soul, in my core, my time in the city isn't a memory, It is a feeling. I find it difficult to explain , no other place I have visited has had this impact on me. I feel homesick for this city I visited once, like no other place I have been to before

In December 2013, my affair to remember began.
On reflection perhaps my affair with NYC has been growing over time. Many things I have been exposed to flash images and places of this city into my memories.
Sesame Street, movies and tv shows - from the time I was a child, is this what makes New York City familiar to me?
Perhaps this is why it feels like home.

In September 2015, I am returning to this city within my heart. I hope you enjoy reading about the journey and how it came about.

How this journey began.....

My big sister is turning 50 in December, this led to a vague discussion about a girls trip...... Vegas, Hawaii, New York????
After a tough few months with health (the big C paid Mum and I a visit), Mum came to me and said if you're serious lets do it!

Well that was all the encouragement I needed......... life is to short and we should grab every opportunity it presented.
Vegas, Hawaii or perhaps New York it was, a few quotes later, we had an idea of price and it was achievable, this is where my brave (not) big sister bailed, not sure if she wanted to travel in this political climate.

Mum posed the question, where would be better to go Vegas or New York?

There is no contest, a reason to return to the city within my heart, to continue my love affair with this concrete jungle. New York it is!

A phone call later and our family friend Joan was coming along so Mum had someone to explore with.
With Mum content to travel having me to lead the way, Joan excited about her first trip to the US, our planning began and was booked within a day!

Oh my goodness this is really happening.
Our trip to New York with a stop on the way over and back to break the trip meant we could stop by San Francisco and LA. We also managed to fit in Washington DC to see the White House and Barak on the way home.

NEW YORK..... we are on our way!


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Start spreading the news........ we're leaving today!!!

Travel Day!

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We had a nice early morning with the alarm waking us up at 5.15am. As you can imagine we didn't have a full night sleep, a mix of excitement, nerves and last minute packing thoughts twirled in our heads


Once we said our goodbyes to our families, with a few tears shed, (who can be at the airport saying goodbye or watching others say goodbye without shedding a tear or two?) we lined up and headed through customs and managed to keep all of our belongings (no face creams discarded this time, tick, we packed well).
From that moment on, time flew and in the time it took to walk to the gate we were being called to board. At least no more waiting!

I am writing this from on the flight that seems to be taking forever! What a cruel joke that to explore the world you have to travel for 14 hours and arrive when you should be going to sleep!!

We have snatched an odd hour of sleep here and there, but not enough to sustain us when we arrive in LA at 6am. We then have customs, a 3 hour wait and a flight to San Francisco where we will check our bags into the apartment (which won't be ready til 4pm!). Our plan is to get a ferry to Sausalito for a wander, lunch and an icecream, then a shuttle to Muir Woods, then back for dinner and an early night.

We made it!
What a beautiful start to our day flying into San Francisco. We flew in at 11am, with still only a few hours sleep, but the city put on a beautiful show for us and California is hot hot hot!!!


Will keep you posted!!

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Good Morning San Francisco!

Waking up this morning to Pretty San Francisco.

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The key to this statement in our heading is waking up, which means we actually had some sleep - hooray! Gosh we had some serious sleep deprivation and jet lag yesterday, we were out on our feet with tiredness after being awake for almost 2 days! But after fighting with our bodies to sleep when they wanted to be awake and to eat when they thought we should be sleeping - we may have succeeded!

Today we are feeling a little more human so I thought I would catch you up on our 'girls trip' adventures.

Yesterday, we settled into our very pretty apartment opposite Ghiradelli Square - yes that means chocolates on call! We met the owners who advised us to change our plans of Sausalito and Muir woods as it was a 'never heard of' rare hot day (and I mean hot - Sydney middle of summer hot!) in San Francisco and EVERYONE would be on the water.

So we got in our warm weather gear and explored, we are around the corner from Fisherman Wharf, so wandered down to there and he wasn't wrong everyone in San Francisco was there!


We looked about, checked out the seals then cabbed it up to Nob Hill to explore the area around the opulent Fairmont Hotel, where Barak Obama stayed last month.
We wandered (or more like panted) along the hills - and made our way to China Town to see the Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory, where a little old lady was hand making hundreds and hundreds of fortune cookies - they smelt and tasted delicious. Although we were too tired to care!
I bought some Calvin Klein knock offs for the males in my house or rather Cainiao Kalin's at $2.50 a pair as opposed to $75 a pair!


By this time the exhaustion, heat and walking was enough so we cabbed it back to our apartment, headed across to the square to 'Lori's Diner' a cute little 1960's style diner with views looking over the bay, to eat dinner at 4pm and try and stretch ourselves until night time before we crashed and attempted a full night sleep.


It is 7am now, (midnight for you guys), We are planning to head to Sausalito today. Will post you later - sweet dreams!

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California Girls!

Exploring San Francisco

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We had a nice gentle start to the morning, Joan and Mum slept in til 8.30, while I was wide awake and watching the morning unfold out the window at 5.30am!
We wandered down to Fishermans Wharf, had a coffee (an actual decent one!!) and a bagel with a schmear (of cream cheese) for breakfast while we waited for the ferry to Sausalito.


It was a beautiful morning on the water, the sun shining and warm but not uncomfortably hot like yesterday.



At Sausalito we wandered down Main Street and had a seafood lunch and a cocktail at 'Scoma's' over the water. It was lovely sitting by the water.


After lunch we wandered down to get a cab back over the Golden Gate Bridge to Lombard Street, driving past the Sausalito house boats on our way - cute little houses on the water, very different to our boring houseboats back home (if you google Sausalito houseboats you will see what I mean). We never made it to Muir Woods - the shuttle only operates on Mondays in Early September, we had only costly or lengthy alternatives to get there - will save it for our next visit!

Joan has been amazed at the hills and claims that Nob Hill yesterday must have been the steepest hill in San Francisco! I have been telling her there are worse - she experienced that today. On our way to Lombard Street we drove up a roller coaster style hill! (See photos).


Some San Francisco sights - some houses and a yellow school bus.


After wandering on the crookedest street in the world, we caught the tram down some big hills to Union Square to look at the shops (and of course find a few bargains!) - Nordstrom is one eye opening store - in the photos you can see what it looks like looking from the 1st floor up to the roof.


Not much to share for the afternoon, we headed back to the apartment and popped across the road to Ghiradelli Chocolates for some treats before we relax and get organised for our trip to New York, New York!!!


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We're going to be a part of it.......New York, New York!

Travel day!

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Nothing much to share today as we were off at the crack of dawn to catch our plane from San Francisco to New York City.

At the airport we saw this......the photo is for my boys who will have a laugh at an airport cop on a Segway, just like Kevin James in Paul Blart Mall cop!


We travelled into another time zone again, so lost part of the day, we are here safe after a 4.5 hour flight and arrived at 6.30 pm, in time to order some delivery of a home cooked style meal from the hundreds of restaurants nearby, and settle into our apartment, which is big by New York standards.

It is great to be back in this city again, it feels nice to return, we are looking forward to exploring on foot tomorrow.

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